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Wonderful June can’t miss!--Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Co.,Ltd looks forward to your visit in the American Clean Show exhibition !


On the June 20th ,Clean 2019 exhibition starts in New Orleans ,Louisiana .American Clean Show is held every two years ,is the largest professional exhibition featuring operating equipment and industry training in the world ,attracts the attention of many industry insiders in the United States and around the world .Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Co.,Ltd is the leader company of the washing machinery industry ,has participated in this type exhibition several times ,welcomed and received attention by domestic and foreign manufacturers and customers .

  At that day ,Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Co.,Ltd general manager Wu shixin and executive deputy general manager Zhang jianfeng led the team ,showed XGQ-100CFQ automatic washer extractor、ZD3300-VB high speed flatwork folder、ZBQ3300III three station feeder .

  The first day of the exhibition ,Sea-lion products won the many countries customers stop and favor on the site with excellent workmanship , the site enjoyed a warm atmosphere , Sea-lionelegant demeanour showed in the American ,exhibition visitors came in an endless stream .

  Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Co.,Ltd is looking forward to your visit !

  Booth number : 2103

  Exhibition time : June 20th - June 23th

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