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Good news:Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Co.,Ltd enters Ministry of Industry and Information Technology first batch “Little Giant”companies specializing in special new


June 15th,A few days ago ,Ministry of Industry and Information Technology office published first batch “Little Giant”companies which specializing in special new list ,248 companies in China are listed ,it is surprising that Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Co.,Ltd is listed .

In the wave of global economic internationalization ,German government put forward “industry 4.0” strategy ,Chinese government put forward “Made in China 2025”strategy ,aims to improve the industrial revolution and manufacturing level .There are many hidden company champions in the world ,China also has a lot of leading the elite companies .For further implement decisions “Develop a batch of specializing in special new Little Giant enterprises which have outstanding main business, strong competitiveness, good growth”,promote and improve specialization ability and level of small and medium-sized companies ,now choose a batch “Little Giant”companies which specializing in special new .These companies are the outstanding performer of the small and medium-sized companies specializing in special new ,are the leading companies focus on market segmentation、strong innovation ability、high market share、grasping the key core technology and excellent quality and benefits .

Remain true to our original aspiration ,Dare to innovate

Forge “Sea-lion”century brand

Sea-lion continues over 50 yearsprosper and thrive .Showing the Sea-lion staff spirit of hard working and innovation .At the same time we leave a glorious page of Chinese washing machine manufacturing history ,is worthy of the sea lion staff proud .

  Sea-lion products are not only among the best in China ,but also well-known overseas .Sea-lion staff insists on the oath of “Revitalize national industry , climb world peak”creating a number of technological breakthroughs .

  Each honor adds a new height to the growth of Sea-lion .Sea-lion's long development history ,brilliant corporate culture ,brilliant innovation achievements, comprehensive service network ,resounding brand influence and unique market share vividly witness the status and influence of Sea-lion in the industry .50 years of wind and rain course ,a way of time overflow color ,a way to write legend ,intended to open up the future .

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