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【Army day?Tribute to old soldier】the loveliest veteran---glorious years of Sea-Lion founder Mr.Chen Youqing


How to spend a meaningful life? Chen Youqing, a retired soldier, a veteran who once joined the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea, and the founder of Jiangsu Sea-Lion Machinery Co., Ltd gives a good answer and interpretation with his rich and substantial experience, moving and magical stories.

Chen Youqing was born in a poor village called Yaziwei near the Yangtze River in Deji town. He had an elder brother and an elder sister. His elder sister died as she fell into the river in front of the village at the age of 5. Because his family was so poor, his mother felt unable to raise her two sons and ran away from home. Left his father no choice but to take Chen Youqing's brother to Baifushan "poor children education center", Guangfu Town, Suzhou, and worked as a handyman. In fact, he was the underground intelligence agent of the guerrillas. In the spring of 1943, 7-year-old Chen Youqing was also collected by his father from his hometown. The poor children education center was run by Guo Shoucheng, an enlightened man. There were fifty or sixty children. Chen Youqing was the youngest. Chen Youqing gradually learned some truth there. He knew that the Japanese were bad people, and the Communist Party and guerrillas were fighting to save the poor. In 1944, 8-year-old Chen Youqing, with his father's tact, dodged the search and interrogation of the Japanese sentry and sent out the information that the guerrillas had been trapped in Chongshan island for 20 days, once again smashing the plot of the Japanese to wipe out the Taihu guerrillas on the isolated island in Taihu Lake. After the victory of Anti Japanese war in 1945, except Chen Guansong, Chen Youqing's father, who continued to stay in Baifushan, more than 50 poor children students, led by Guo Shoucheng, hired a wooden boat to enter the Yangtze River from Taihu Lake, finally arrived at Jiaozhou Road near Jing'an Temple in Shanghai, and entered the "Shanghai private school for poor children". Chen Youqing was 9 years old at that time, and his brother Chen Yingqing was 9 years older than him. They together studied in the school and worked at the same time. Later, Chen Yingqing died of tuberculosis due to lack of money for treatment. Therefore, Chen Youqing even hated the society at that time. During the four-year War of liberation, Chen Youqing heard a lot of stories about the Communist Party saving the poor and the heroes of the PLA killing the enemy in the Shanghai poor children education center. Although he was not qualified to join the party at that young age, he was fond of the party, envied the party members and respected the guerrillas.

After liberation of Shanghai in 1949,in November of the same year, Chen Youqing was admitted to the military health Cadre School of the 23rd army of East China military region. Because of the young age, he was not formally incorporated into the team until August 5, 1951. In May 1952, the Central Military Commission decided that the 23rd army would go to the DPRK to fight. After arriving in North Korea, they brought back the Yuanshan port occupied by the U.S Army in the first battle. Chen Youqing showed his tact and bravery, and was soon promoted to the rescue squad leader, leading nine soldiers to take charge of the wartime rescue work. Although he was only 15 years old at that time, he wrote a testament with his comrades in arms and was ready to sacrifice his life for the protection of his country, whether he was following the main force to seize Laotushan Mountain or protecting the neighbor forces to hold fast to Shangganling Ridge. In the battle of the volunteers to recover the control area of Shiyandong north mountain, Chen Youqing was awarded for his contribution.

In the spring of 1954, Chen Youqing was ordered to return home. After returning home, he continued to serve with conscription work. To get enlisted Huang Jinu, the younger brother of Huang Jiguang, the fighting hero of Shangganling Ridge battle, he went to Zhongjiang County of Sichuan Province specially. Chen Youqing, an upright and unyielding man, has always been loyal to the party, upright and principled, so that he suffered a lot in the anti rightist movement in 1959 and the socialist education movement in the early 1960s, shortly after he was transferred to the local government in 1958. Nevertheless, Chen Youqing firmly believed that no matter in the era of revolutionary war or socialist construction, only the leadership of the Communist Party of China was the only hope of China.

In the middle and late 1960s, the Great Cultural Revolution swept across the country. The relentless political struggle made people panic, and people were in danger. The political atmosphere was suffocating. Chen Youqing had been the head of Leyu veterinary station for many years. Because he rode alone to join a group visit and made a unintentional joke, he was regarded as the leader of the capitalism. He was taken to the streets with a high hat and criticized, and then he was put into a cowshed. His wife and children were also frightened day and night. During the 18 months when he was put in the cowshed, Chen Youqing was criticized for 105 times, and was constantly retaliated and tortured, which made him exhausted. But he said firmly, "I firmly believe in the party, socialism and the people and have a clear conscience." In January 1970,the isolation examination of Chen Youqing was ended and the whole family was transferred to the 5th production team of the 17th brigade of Leyu commune, so-called to accept the reformation. During the four years of banishment to the countryside, the family experienced the ups and downs of life, and further exercised and tested Chen Youqing's party spirit.

In October 1975, Chen Youqing resumed his work and his reputation. He was successively arranged to work in Leyu seed farm and Industrial Office of Leyu commune. Later, because of the outstanding work and needs, he was assigned to Leyu farm tools repair factory as a leader. It was a small factory that was on the verge of closure. Five old bungalows, several locksmith's tools, some steel plates and iron sheets were all they had, with no capital on their account. It's really a small workshop with no business at hand, no capital on account and no technology for employees. Chen Youqing, who had gone through too many hardships, was not frightened by the present reality. On the contrary, he was excited that he had gained attention of the leadership, and had the freedom of life and, more importantly, the care of the party. He secretly made up his mind that he must cherish the opportunity, do well, repay the party's kindness and live up to the expectations of the party organization. He went out to borrow money in person, looking for business, introducing talents, making rules in the factory, organizing training, planning and management. Soon, a small lonesome repair shop became noisy, with roaring motors and noisy day and night.

In 1978, the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the CPC was held successfully. The implementation of reform and opening up crossed all over China. Chen Youqing once again saw the great correctness of the party. Without economy growth, there is no standing. Only by developing economy, can the country be stronger the people be better off. He understood that the only way for enterprises to survive and develop was technical innovation, and had their own products. He was optimistic about the market prospect, changing the outsourcing into his own manufacturing, introducing technical personnel to organize scientific and technological research, and constantly upgrading the washing machinery. He had successively set a series of number one in China, filled in many blanks, and won the national industry champion. Since then, patent inventions had sprung up, leading the way in innovation achievements, leading hundreds of peers all over the country and winning nearly 200 national and provincial honors. Products were sold to 31 provinces, cities, autonomous regions and more than 70 countries and regions around the world. Now, it has become the leading enterprise in the industry. He has won more than 60 honors, including outstanding communist party members, outstanding entrepreneurs, model workers, honorary citizens of Russia and outstanding people. But he said, "this is not my contribution, but in the final analysis, it depends on the party's policy guidance."

He has always been strict with himself, fulfilling the mission and responsibility of a Communist Party member. He helped several villages out of poverty and became rich. When the dike burst of Yangtze river in 1997 and several major earthquakes occurred in China, he actively organized donations, especially for the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan Province. He sent employees to the disaster area with washing machines. He also supported the Nanjing City Games, donated auto dry cleaning machines for the national flag guard team of Tiananmen Square and Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital for anti-SARS. Also other more donations to help students or to save lives are too numerous to list. He offered jobs, actively paid taxes, participated in public welfare activities, and actively fulfilled social responsibilities, all of which reflected the noble morality of an old Communist Party member.

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